For his birthday, M-Riq got a MT-21 Mobile Mining Unit (LEGO® item #7648) and a Mud Hopper (LEGO® item #8492) among other gifts.


From LEGO’s website:

The MT-21 Mobile Mining Unit is out on a mission, drilling for energy crystals and transporting them back to base in its detachable high-tech mobile laboratory. Just watch out for the alien and its jet pack!

* Detach the drilling vehicle to search for energy crystals!
* Front opens to seat minifigure driver and sides open to store energy crystals!
* Mobile Mining Unit measures 7” (18 cm) long!
* Includes astronaut minifigure and glow-in-the-dark alien with jet pack!


Rough road ahead? No problem for this off-road dirt Power Racer! Use the pull-back motor and steep jump ramp to launch the Mud Hopper high into the air.

* Combine with #8493 Red Ace to make a flame racer and monster jumping ramp!
* Includes jump ramp and racer with a pull-back motor!
* Mud Hopper over 5″ (13cm) long!

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