Speaking of 4×4′s, the original monster truck was spotted at a local Firestone Tire dealer. Here’s M-Riq posing with former Bigfoot #8 driver Jerry Dalton. This monster truck is currently driven by Scott Winger.


BIGFOOT #8 – Specifications

Vehicle = 2004 Super Duty, fiberglass body
Frame = Computer Aided Design – Tubular Frame
Engine = 572 c.i.
Transmission = C-6 automatic
Axles = ZF Axles with internal wet brakes and planetaries
Shocks = 8 nitrogen charged custom designed shocks
Tires = 66 x 43 x 25 Firestone Flotation Tires
Fuel Type = Methanol
Height = 10′
Width = 11′ 9″
Weight = 10,000 lbs.


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